Day 40, Psalm 40

While we were lamenting, God was providing.

This psalm reminds us that even when we are going through a difficult season, God is at work in our lives. It was true for David, it is true for us, too.

When my husband and I walked through the season of my vision loss, then career loss – all we could focus on was the problems ahead of us. We were scrambling to understand my eye condition, find the best treatment, manage our financial changes, sort out all the emotional issues, and a long list of subsequent complications. We were both overwhelmed for a long time. Around the two year mark, when things started to calm down, my husband was the first to notice all the little and big things God had done for us along the way. Financial provisions, excellent medical care, emotional support, and an uncountable amount of small daily graces that lightened our load, even when we didn’t notice at the time. The list is long, we feel so grateful and cared for.

While we were lamenting, God was providing.

See you tomorrow for Psalm 41.

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