When my grandson comes back from a trip to the park with grandpa he is so excited to tell me everything they did and saw. He speaks loud, his sentences are broken, his hands move, his face is smiling. He can’t get the words out of his mouth fast enough. I’m not a;ways sure exactly what happened, but I know it was fun.

The same is true when you witness God’s goodness. You may not be able to find the words to describe what you’ve seen or what you’ve felt. To see and to feel the mighty presence of God is awe-invoking, stunning, humbling, exhilarating.

Last night, I stood outside in the dark and sang the Doxology, sending my words of worship into the night sky. Suddenly a breeze went through my backyard, the leaves dancing above me. Sensing God’s presence I said, “it would be super cool, God, if you hit my cheek with a raindrop.” It hasn’t rained here for over a week, so, I’m not even sure why I asked for this? Moments later a raindrop hit my cheek. I let out a joyful cheer. “How fun are you God!” My heart was filled happiness and it’s hard to describe.

My love for God overflows…..

Sweet asHoney

What is the right thing to do? What guidelines will I use to sort this problem out?

• What would my parents or grandparents do?

• What would my best friend do?

• What would my most-wise friend do?

• What would Jesus do?

• What does the bible say?

All of these guidelines require a relationship. A relationship with time spent. In some of these examples, we can simply make a phone call or think back to the example that these people set for us.

What about Jesus, how do we really know what he would do? Do we spend the kind of time with him that we have spent with our family or with our best friend?

Working on this relationship will give you access to wisdom that will far exceed your own. Reliable, steady and unchanging. Sweet as honey.

Unfailing Love

On any given day, we know people in our circles that are experiencing answers to prayer and those who are hurting and waiting for God to respond.

In each situation we can rest in the knowledge that we are covered in God’s unfailing love. He will not fail us. If you are waiting, trust in this promise. He is with you. #