About the Daily Bite

Welcome to the Daily Bite. 

I created the Daily Bite in 2019 following the loss of my central vision. The loss of my vision was a crushing experience.  Every aspect of my life was affected and I felt paralyzed.  I didn’t want to stay in a defeated position and prayed for help to see my way forward.

I designed the Daily Bite after a nudge from the Holy Spirit.  He knew that my artist’s heart needed a daily creative challenge.  The idea He gave me was to ask Him for a word every day and to find that word in scripture.  After finding a scriptural reference, the challenge was to create a visual interpretation of that word. 

I named this blog, Daily Bite, because my focus was on one word from the bible, just a bite, at a time.  Every day, during the first year of the Daily Bite, I asked God for one word. I would take that word and search the bible for a verse that featured that word. I then worked on a meme maker to create a visual interpretation to post the verse on. I posted the word on several social media platforms – which was a huge learning curve.  I met my goal and posted each day for 365 days.

      My first year was a wonderful experience, spiritually, physically and emotionally. I gained confidence in relying on my peripheral vision, I enjoyed the daily creative process and my intimacy with Jesus grew. The Daily Bite proved to be an effective holistic healing prescription.

    The Holy Spirit continues to challenge me with visual tasks. In 2020, I added text to my posts, in the form of a prayer or short devotional. Currently, in 2022, I am studying the psalms and writing up to 150 words a day until the end of the year.

     I just celebrated my 60th birthday. On my birthday, I noticed that I was surrounded by love. My husband, our sons, our grandsons, our friends and family. They have all walked closely by my side the last five years. They’ve each found a way to support me with their own mix of compassion and humor as I continue to work through my visually-distorted scenery. They are my favorite gifts of all.

     Thanks for joining me on this journey and for the kind words of encouragement. You have probably noticed some typos; thank you for overlooking them.

    All the “bites” of God’s word that I have taken while writing the Daily Bite have been long-lasting nourishment for my soul. Thank you, Jesus, for all the ways you provide for each of us every day!

Robin Balck