When my grandson comes back from a trip to the park with grandpa he is so excited to tell me everything they did and saw. He speaks loud, his sentences are broken, his hands move, his face is smiling. He can’t get the words out of his mouth fast enough. I’m not a;ways sure exactly what happened, but I know it was fun.

The same is true when you witness God’s goodness. You may not be able to find the words to describe what you’ve seen or what you’ve felt. To see and to feel the mighty presence of God is awe-invoking, stunning, humbling, exhilarating.

Last night, I stood outside in the dark and sang the Doxology, sending my words of worship into the night sky. Suddenly a breeze went through my backyard, the leaves dancing above me. Sensing God’s presence I said, “it would be super cool, God, if you hit my cheek with a raindrop.” It hasn’t rained here for over a week, so, I’m not even sure why I asked for this? Moments later a raindrop hit my cheek. I let out a joyful cheer. “How fun are you God!” My heart was filled happiness and it’s hard to describe.

My love for God overflows…..

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