Day 1, Psalm 1

150 Days Walking Through the Psalms

There are 150 days left before the end of the year and 150 Psalms in the bible.  I felt a nudge, challenging me to read through the Psalms, one per day, looking for God’s wisdom that I can apply to my life.

Day 1, Psalm 1

This psalm is timeless in its description of living in a world where we are surrounded by people who think differently and have different values than our own.  Sounds like my entire life experience.  Who’s advice should I follow?  A friend, a classmate, a teacher, a co-worker, a neighbor, an author, a podcaster, a blogger – (for that matter)?  Taking someone else’s advice has worked out for me at times but more often the advice I followed was like wearing a shoe that didn’t quite fit.  It did not solve my problem and caused more problems.

The hope in this psalm is that for those who love the Word of God and meditate on His Word day and night – they will be like a tree planted by a stream of water.  Producing fruit and succeeding in all that they do.  What a great psalm to kick off my 150-day blog journey.  See you tomorrow for Psalm 2.

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