Day 39, Psalm 39

Similar to psalm 38, this psalm is a lament. David faces the question we all face from time to time. What is the purpose of my life? As we go through our ages and stages, our purpose transforms for the situations we face. When we start our first job, our purpose is different then the day we retire. How do I live my life to honor you, God, in this new season of my life? If we keep that question in front of us, it makes some of our life’s transitions easier, and it gives us a purpose to aim at.

I think this is why mentorship is so important. When we mentor someone younger, we can listen to their challenges and help them find purpose. When we are mentored, we have someone to help us navigate our challenges as well as give us a preview of what out next stage will be like. Ultimately, Jesus is our mentor, in whom we can trust.

What, then, can I hope for, Lord? I put my hope in you. Psalm 39:7

See you tomorrow for Psalm 40

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