Day 24, Psalm 24

Open the ancient gates, open the ancient doors, and let the King of Glory enter.

It’s so hard to know who to trust.  Social media has only made this dilemma more difficult.  After falling for a deal that seems “too good to be true” only to find out it wasn’t true at all, you are bound to slam some doors in your heart.  I was so disturbed about Santa, as a kid, I wondered if God was real?   I shut the door on that possibility because I didn’t want to be fooled again.  As years went by, I shut more doors. 

In the 1990’s I was laid off from my job and I suddenly had time on my hands.  During the quiet hours when my kids were at school, I reached out to God and thankfully He reached back.  I began to open my ancient gates to let Him in.  Best move I ever made. 

See you tomorrow for Psalm 25

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