Day 23, Psalm 23

Several years ago, my husband and I were part of the Chaplaincy program at our church.  Our first assignment was to visit a young couple whose son was in the NICU at the Children’s hospital.  We had our badges, a bible and faith that the Holy Spirit would lead us.  As we visited with the young parents, we learned that psalm 23 was the only bible verse the father was familiar with.   His grandmother made him memorize it when he was a kid.  So, we read it together and prayed over their son.  Our next visit was a few days later.  The son’s health was declining, the antibiotics were not working. We sat quietly with them, prayed and cried together.  They asked to read psalm 23 again.  As we read it, we inserted their son’s name into the psalm and declared its’ promises over him.  The next day, the boy began to improve and a week later he was back home.  I believe Jesus healed him that day and He also did a mighty work in the father’s heart through this psalm.  They walked through the valley of the shadow of death and found that Jesus was with them. 

When we saw them at church, weeks later, thier son had fully recovered and was running up and down the hallways. We hugged and cried again together, this time with gratitude.

See you tomorrow for Psalm 24

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