Day 22, Psalm 22

In psalm 22, David is cryiing out to God, wondering when He will step in and help turn things around. When days, weeks and months go by and your desperate prayer has yet to be answered, you are faced with reconciling your heart with God’s sovereignty.   We can’t control God, like we can control some situations in our lives.  God’s ways are not our ways.

I have been in a few relationships with addicts.  One of my survival techniques was to take control when things got out-of-control in our lives.  Once in a while, forcing a solution would work, but mostly it was like taking one step forward only to slide back down the hill.  When God intervened and began to unwind this behavior, in me, it wasn’t easy. I was so frustrated. Instead of saving someone else from the consequences of their decisions, I let it go. I may have prayed for their sobriety, but God went after my co-dependency.   He knew what I needed most.

May your will be done, Father God, on earth as it is in heaven.

See you tomorrow for Psalm 23

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