Day 25, Psalm 25

When I was young, I used to follow my older brother around, wanting to know everything he knew.  When he left for kindergarten, I was desperate to keep up with him.  I would quiz him when he came home, wanting to know anything new he learned that day.  Sometimes we’d recite the alphabet together and count as high as we could.  One day, he told me that he learned three new letters to the alphabet, triple U, double Z and double O.  I memorized the new letters and added them on to the to the end of my alphabet song.  Turns out he wasn’t the most reliable teacher. 

David’s desire in this psalm is to give his life to the Lord, to trust him and learn from him.  He has found the Lord to be a reliable teacher who also leads with unfailing love and faithfulness.  The Lord is also our most reliable teacher and guide – and – He has more to teach us than we could ever learn.  We can’t try to “keep up” with the Lord’s knowledge, and thankfully He patiently meets us where we are.

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