Day 14, Psalm 14

Have you ever caught someone’s eye?  You look around a crowded room and your eyes stop because you notice someone was looking at you.  Maybe you look at each other for a moment and share a smile, maybe you look away quickly, maybe you feel awkward and aren’t sure what to do?  God is scanning the crowd right now, looking to see if anyone is searching for him.  He longs to catch your eye.

I have friends who say they don’t believe in God or that they aren’t interested in knowing more about Him.  I always hear that as a statement of how they feel in the moment.  They may look for Him when they are alone or maybe when they have a crisis or a moment of curiosity.  I do know that when they earnestly seek Him, they will find Him looking their way. Whenever that wonderful day comes.

See you tomorrow for Psalm 15

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