Day 13, Psalm 13

I relate so much to the emotional flow of this psalm.  It starts out with cries for help and ends with a declaration of trust in the Lord and appreciation for all that He has done.  It is possible to feel both emotions at the same time, anxious for what you face in this world and confidence that God is with you. 

When I suddenly lost the central vision in both of my eyes, I was faced with so many abrupt changes to my life.  I could not force the solutions that I wanted, instead I had to wait for things to unfold.  I knew that God was with me and that He was helping me and I had to surrender, a thousand times, to His timing.  I was anxious about my situation and confident in His love.  I can honestly say that my trust in God’s love makes me want to celebrate.

See you tomorrow for Psalm 14

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