Day 15, Psalm 15

I am intimidated by the word “righteous”.  I immediately envision a bishop or a cardinal in their robes looking right through me.  To be righteous seems way out of my reach, since I know everything I have recently been up to.  A friendly way that I have learned to accept this word is to think of being righteous as being someone who strives to live in a “right way” according to God’s direction.

This psalm has a list of things to work on to improve your righteousness.  I included four in my meme – the ones I can work on every day.  I am surprised at how often I hear gossip – it seems to always comes with the desire to pass it on.  Sometimes, unfortunately, I do pass it on.  But sometimes I have victory over myself and am able to let it end with me.  I want to stand firm with God and am forever thankful to Jesus for helping me achieve forgiveness.

See you tomorrow for Psalm 16

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