Day 137, Psalm 137

How can we sing the songs of the LORD while in a foreign land? Psalm 137:4

Psalm 137 was written during the time Judah was held captive in Babylon. The psalmist longs for Jerusalem and looks forward to the punishment God will release on Babylon. Their captors request them to sing their joyful psalms about Jerusalem and the psalmist is clear that their hearts are not open to singing their songs in their current setting.

Sometimes as believers we find ourselves in settings that are not conducive to Jesus. Maybe we are at a neighborhood gathering, a work setting, a sports event, a shopping center. While worship may not be forbidden, it is unwelcome. Our pastor encourages us to bring our Sundays into our Mondays. To have hard feet and soft hearts. We can worship the LORD by refusing to go-along with the crowd or by diffusing anger with love. We can refrain ourselves and let others go first. To act in love is a subtle but powerful form of worship.

See you tomorrow for Psalm 138.

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