Day 123, Psalm 123

When I started to lose my vision, I was compelled to read every bible verse that had “eyes” or “look” in it. In my concordance there were 34 verses. I wrote them out long hand in hopes I would remember them. I became very fond of the verses that mentioned turning our eyes to the Lord. To catch a glimpse of what God was doing. To signal humility as we “look up” at the LORD who is greater than us.

Recently someone asked me if my other senses have increased as my vision decreased. I had to really think about that. I do feel like I can sense the LORD more in my heart, and my hearing is more sensitive. I pay attention whenever I hear someone in public say his name. My perception has improved, I am able to “catch on” to what’s happening around me faster. Is it because my vision has decreased or is it because I sought the LORD with earnest during this season of my life? Maybe the answer is “yes” to both. I’m still mulling it over. I can testify that you can see the LORD even with low vision.

LORD, I look up to you, up to heaven, where you rule. Psalm 123:1

I look to the LORD for mercy, understanding, acceptance, and to sense what He is doing so that I can join in.

Lord, give us eyes to see you and a heart to follow you.

See you tomorrow for Psalm 124.

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