Day 107, Psalm 107

Psalm 107 is a psalm of praise, thanking God for how he rescues us. The psalmist highlights four situations that God’s people called on Him for help; those hopelessly lost in the wilderness, those imprisoned and bound by chains, those buried in their own sin and rebellious decisions, those lost at sea and caught in fierce storms. None of these situations were too desperate for God to intervene and rescue His people and return them to safety. The psalmist asked them each to do one thing: Pray and ask God for HiS help.

God, through his compassion and lovingkindness, was faithful to help them all.

We can be caught in these same situations, physically or metaphorically. Either way, we can ask the same God to help us and He will.

O give thanks to the LORD, for He is good; For His compassion and lovingkindness endure forever! Psalm 107:1

See you tomorrow for Psalm 108.

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