Day 106, Psalm 106

I recently read a commentary about the fruits of the spirit. I paused and soaked-up what I read regarding patience. As the author described what this fruit looks like in its maturity, I was challenged. Patience isn’t just about waiting, but what you do while you wait. Psalm 106 touches on this wisdom. The psalmist points out that while Israel waited for God to act, they quickly turned toward sin. While waiting, they forgot what the Lord had done for them and who He was. They doubted God. They grumbled. They turned to other gods. They took matters into their own hands.

But they quickly forgot His works; They did not [patiently] wait for His counsel and purpose [to be revealed regarding them]. Psalm 106:13

Their sin had difficult and painful consequences and delayed their entry into the promised land.

Now, when I find myself waiting, I think about how I’m waiting. Often I am tempted to take matters into my own hands, instead of waiting for God to reveal His will in my situation.

Help me wait with confident assurance in who you are Father God. Show me how to imprint your lovingkindness on my heart so I can lean on that promise, while I wait. Thank you for always hearing my prayers and responding with your perfect will for my live.

See you tomorrow for Psalm 107

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