Day 76, Psalm 76

The sermon our pastor shared today was about victory. He encouraged us to keep a record of the moments in our lives when God won a victory for us. An answered prayer, a healing, a word, a reconciliation, a miracle, or, what my husband and I call a God-incident. The times that you know, in your knower, God intervened on your behalf. These records help us during difficult times when we are waiting for God to respond to us. Remembering how God has responded to us in the past, helps us expect that He will again.

Thank you God for the records of encouragement we can stand on. Like our pastor said today, when we fight, we don’t fight for victory, we fight from victory.

As we were listening to the sermon, I nudged Bill and said, “he is basically talking about most of the psalms I have studied this year”. Like today’s psalm that celebrates a victory. A record written for the day and for future generations. This psalm can give us confidence of what God can do and will do for the ones he loves.

See you tomorrow for psalm 77.

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