Day 75, Psalm 75

My journey through the psalms is at the half-way point. Reflecting on a psalm a day for the last 75 days has expanded my trust in God. I trust that He is approachable and able to hear whatever is on my mind in whatever words I can muster. I trust that He will respond to me. I trust that even though I don’t understand what is happening in the world around me, God is in control. I have found a camaraderie with the psalmists, their feelings, the questions they ask while waiting for God to act and their shaky yet unshakeable faith.

Today’s psalm appears to be an answer to the troubling questions asked in psalm 73. The answer is: God’s got it. He will bring justice to the wicked and uphold the righteous. His economy of justice is sure and pure and right on time.

I trust you God.

See you tomorrow for psalm 76.

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