Day 64, Psalm 64

In this psalm, David describes the people around him. They are actively plotting the perfect crime. They are setting raps and actively trying to do evil. David goes on to say that even in the midst of their plots, He knows that God will win in the end.

In my late 30’s, I joined an organization that was over 100 years old. I noticed right away that the politics and the alliances between leaders were well established. There were several factions plotting against each other. They CEO was about to retire which fueled the undercurrents as each faction tried to shape the future. Being new and not sure who to trust, I decided the focus on my job and to lead my team with the highest integrity I could muster. I was approached by several leaders, trying to influence me. I did my best to weigh their request against the policies of the company and good business ethics. During the next four years, the organization went through a transformation as a new CEO stepped in. The alliances fell apart, several leaders left the organization and a new team formed.

I witnessed the “right” decisions stand and the schemes and alliances fall apart. Maybe this is an example of what David is sharing with us? When the short run looks treacherous and chaotic, trust in the One that is leading us home. He will win.

See you tomorrow for Psalm 65

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