Day 63, Psalm 63

The title of this psalm is: God’s Love Means More Than Life. David wrote this while he was in the wilderness. He praises God for all He has done and for who He is. David’s love for God is evident throughout the words of this beautiful psalm.

I love verse 6:

I think about you, God, before I go to sleep, and my thoughts turn to you during the night.

I have had seasons in my life when I felt plagued by nightmares. The kind that make your heart race. It was so hard to shake them off and go back to sleep. A friend of mine taught me a prayer that included this verse. When I say it before I sleep, it always keeps the nightmares away.

Jesus, be with me as I close my eyes to sleep. I will think of you as I fall to sleep. I ask that my thoughts will continue to return to you as I sleep. Please join me in my dreams. Thank you for being with me tonight.

Sleep well!

See you tomorrow for Psalm 64

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