100 Words in 100 Days!

Today is my 100th word, in 100 days!!

I began my blog journey in prayer at the end of 2018. I wanted to be more intentional about listening for God and I wanted to challenge myself to write and to do something creative every day. My first proposal to God was to do a weekly bog post, but I felt like the Holy Spirit nudged me to create a daily post. I jumped in and launched my daily blog, Dailybite.blog on 1/1/19. Every morning I listen for a word from God and try to express what I am hearing with short text and a picture that also expresses what I am hearing. My filter is to always use the word(s) I hear to exemplify the goodness of God.

This journey has been very healing and life-giving to me. I lost my central vision two years ago from an eye disease. At first, every activity of daily living was so difficult. I had to learn to navigate my world without the clarity of seeing what is right before me. I could no longer see faces, read text, or understand what I was looking at when away from familiar surroundings. Slowly, I have learned to adapt by using my peripheral vision, using apps and other hacks, that blow up pictures and text.

Thank you for joining my journey and for all the encouragement. Every day, I wake up excited to hear what God wants to say. And he always has something beautiful to say! I created a wordsalad with my first 100 words.

I still have a lot to learn on wordpress, which is my next focus.


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