Gloria in Excelsis Deo

I completed my goal to create 365 daily devotion (memes) this year. I sought one word a day and searched the bible to find context for how that word reflects God’s goodness. I am forever changed by this experience.

I lost my central vision in 2017. It was devastating because it led to additional losses; my career, my mobility, even my identity was shaken. My first year was a daily struggle to understand what I was seeing. Faces were hard to recognize, reading felt impossible and i spent most of my time at home – which was comfortable but also confining.

At the end of 2018 I wanted a daily challenge, like a “job”, that would both challenge me to work to overcome my visual loss and create something positive for the world around me. That’s how this blog began, first through prayer and then through daily action. I found so much healing on this path.

Today my vision has not improved nor worsened. Its been stable. I rely on my peripheral vision to read, write, navigate and to enjoy the beauty around me. I am slow but steady. I bring my humor with me wherever I go 😀 it helps me move through the inevitable misinterpretation I will encounter. Like walking past my son at the grocery store without acknowledging him. 😎 i have tons of funny stories I could share. Another time.

I’m changing the focus of my blog a little next year and I hope you’ll join me again for the journey. Dailybite 2020.

My last word for 2019 is humble praise to ,my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.To glorify God is to love his Son. Father God, I give you glory!