Day 143, Psalm 143

Crossroad decisions are often hard. Whether you have to pick between two good choices, two difficult choices or one or more of each. How do you know which way the LLORD wants you to go? It’s not always easy to discern. When I pray for direction, sometimes I know right away. Sometimes I have to wait. Waiting is the most difficult, especially if the answer is to stop and wait for a new option to emerge.

In management practice this is called “dealing with ambiguity”. Can you leave your options open long enough to feel confident in your decision? If you decide just to decide to end the stress of waiting, you’ve likely made the wrong decision.

Thankfully, as Christians, we have Holy Spirit with us to guide us. My challenge is often waiting long enough to be sure I heard His voice over the increasing volume of my desires.

Thank you Jesus for walking alongside us to help us. Help us hear you.

See you tomorrow for Psalm 144.

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