Day 141,Psalm 141

Psalm 141 is a prayer for protection and inner cleansing. David is concerned about becoming like those around him. He does not want to fall into a sinful lifestyle. In verse 5, David humbly welcomes the rebuke of a righteous man. He opens himself up for this type of correction and considers it to be an act of loving devotion. A safety net to keep himself from getting caught in a snare of deception.

It’s good practice to have a few people in your life that you trust and with whom you can be transparent. Maybe this person is an accountability partner, a close friend, a spouse or a mentor. Someone whose feedback you treasure, even if it occasionally stings. I have had a range of experiences with this practice, some excellent, some awkward and some negative. A golden piece of advice one of my mentors gave me was: “share your truth, but only share it with people who have earned the right to hear it”. Be prayerful and careful.

My truest mentor is Jesus. He can hear all my truth and is not shy about correcting me. He corrects with love and with clear direction. He doesn’t shame us or gossip about us.

See you tomorrow for Psalm 142.

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