Day 133, Psalm 133

How wonderful and pleasant it is when brothers live together in harmony! Psalm 133:1.

The first verse of this psalm gave my mother’s heart a pleasant sigh. I took some time to remember my boys as they grew up. All the tussles, all the broken things in my house, all the tears and all the “smack talk” words. Then I remembered all the peaceful and kind times that nestled into the spaces between. Like mortar, those moments built the strong bond that keeps them together today.

Other versions replace “brothers” with “God’s people”. The psalmist describes God’s reaction to His people living in harmony as precious as anointing oil and refreshing as dew that runs down mount Zion. When we live in harmony, His love builds strength in us. A confident strength in His gift to us: life everlasting.


See you tomorrow for Psalm 134.

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