Day 131, Psalm 131

This short psalm is a powerful example of humility and surrender. David wrote this near the end of his life. He gives us words to consider as we come near the end of our fighting season. I’ve heard people say, “I’m all done trying to be God”, or “I let go and let God”, as they approach the end of their fight.

We weren’t made to know everything, but we were made to seek for love. The truest love we can find is the love that God offers to us. To love us in an unfailing way. There are many promises in the bible of the way God will care for you when you surrender to him. It’s a hard step for most of us and the most powerful thing you can do for yourself. Surrender to God, accept his son Jesus as your savior. Surrender your will to God’s will. An amazing transformation will begin on that day and end on your first day in heaven.

We can’t God, but you can, please do.

See you tomorrow for Psalm 132.

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