Day 128, Psalm 128

Whenever there is a “rule” to follow, some of us want to test it, ignore it or rewrite it. It’s a common struggle in families to get kids to follow the rules you set for them. Just yesterday, I asked my 3 year-old grandson to pick something up. He stared at me and said “no” and didn’t move. I stared back, surprised. Turns out neither of us picked it up.

When God asks us to obey His word, he’s not asking us to do something painful or dishonorable. God’s instructions to us are made with our best interests in mind. God knows that if we follow his commands we will live our best lives, as well as, bring Him glory. The psalmist describes our benefits to be: God will bless us, our work will be productive, we will be happy, things will go well for us and for our families.

To say no to ourselves and yes to God will provide more than we need. To say yes to ourselves and no to God, will provide a chaotic life of ups and downs.

Thank you Father God for your helpful instructions and wise words to follow. We would be utterly lost without you.

See you tomorrow for Psalm 129.

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