Day 119, Psalm 119

Psalm 119 is the longest psalm with 176 verses. It is a song that celebrates the greatness of God’s Word. Some people study one verse of Psalm 119 a day – throughout the year, working through the psalm twice. It’s written in a way that allows you to meditate on one verse at a time, if you choose to.

Psalm 119 encourages the reader to study the Word, to ask God for understanding and to apply the Word in our daily lives. As I read this psalm, I was remembering my own journey with God’s Word. I remember feeling that I had to read the scriptures to be a good person. Yet i was utterly confused by the scriptures and mostly frustrated. Eventually, I thought to pray for understanding before I read, which helped. Then one day, I asked to be filled with the Holy Spirit and everything changed. I hungered for the Word of God and began to learn from it. Holy Spirit helped to interpret the Word for me. Sometimes He would slowly reveal its’ meaning to me as I continued to wrestle with verses that confused me.

I love verse 130 for this reason. It says, “Understanding your word brings light to the minds of ordinary people”. We can’t truly understand the Word of God without His help – and He will help anyone who asks, even those of us who are “ordinary”.

Verse 18 is a perfect prayer to say as you open your bible, “Open my eyes [to spiritual truth] so that I may behold Wonderful things from Your law.”. I believe this is one of those prayers that God will always answer. Crack a Bible open and see for yourself.

See you tomorrow for Psalm 120.

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