Day 116, Psalm 116

Psalm 116 is a tribute to God for his saving power. The psalmist faced certain death and called out to the LORD. “I beg you, LORD, save me!” The LORD saved him in a way he knew that it could have only been the LORD who acted. His psalm is full of gratitude and praise.

I’ve been thinking about psalm 111:9 since I posted it a few days ago. The words that stuck with me are: “He has paid a full ransom for his people”. In our economy, to pay for something in full is a transaction that transfers ownership and a ransom is to pay for someone’s release. God not only released us, he transferred ownership. This isn’t new news to me, but it took on a deeper meaning to me and has made me feel safe and content.

I am full of gratitude to belong to God. The God who loves me, helps me, cares for me and totally “gets me”. I will call on him as long as my feet are on this earth.

See you tomorrow for Psalm 117.

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