Day 109, Psalm 109

Psalm 109 is a imprecatory psalm. It is probably one of the harshest, in terms of curses and language. David’s suffering was great at the hands of his enemy. He describes his personal condition in dire terms, “I am vanishing like a shadow when it lengthens and fades.” And, “my flesh is gaunt and without fatness”.

In humility, this brave warrior calls on God to save him and to save all who are suffering. He wants everyone to know that it was God who saved them.

Please help me, LORD God! Come and save me, because of your love. Let others know that you alone have saved me. Psalm 109:26-27

He also gives God a lot of ideas on how to punish, destroy and humiliate his enemy and his enemy’s family. He gives God some ideas but he also gives God the job of vengeance.

My first reaction to this psalm was to “step-back” from it’s violent language and see only the positive, praise-worthy language. As I re-read it, I considered the suffering and persecution that David and his people were enduring. I could see the humble courage in David as he “stepped-back” to let God resolve this situation.

I’m praying for some painful situations that my friends and family members are facing today. This psalm has given me confidence that God will do what only He can do for them.

I can’t God, but you can. Please do!

See you tomorrow for Psalm 110.

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