Day 102, Psalm 102

Anguish. To be extremely distressed and in severe mental or physical pain.

Psalm 102 was written during the time Judah was held captive in Babylon. The author is describing his affliction and anguish. He also gives praise and honor to the Lord. Deep inside he knows that the Lord will act and free them one day.

The author, deeply feels the punishment they are now enduring, because of their collective sin against God. His words are dramatic and weighty.

Because of your anger and fury, ashes are my food, and my tears are mixed with my drink. Psalm 102:10

When we are in a valley of anguish, can we wait on the Lord with hope? Knowing that the Lord’s love for us will prevail?

Included in this psalm is a prayer that God has answered and is answering as you read this verse:

Write down for the coming generation what the LORD has done, so that people not yet born will praise him. Psalm 102:18

I am thankful for the writets of that generation that wrote about this event so that we can look back and see what the Lord did for his nation. It gives us confidence that he will also act on our behalf.

See you tomorrow for Psalm 103.

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