Day 94, Psalm 94

I have yet to meet another person who can soothe my anxious thoughts. Usually, other people tend to ramp up my anxious thoughts or try to negate them with platitudes.

  • “Everything will work out ok”
  • “Tomorrow will be a better day”
  • “You worry too much”

Some may say, “Pray about it”, “Bring it to God”, or maybe “Let go and Let God”. These are helpful because they at least point us in the right direction. But, we have to go and do to make these suggestions work. We have to shift our focus from worry to seeking God. We might have our hearts set on a fast resolution but what we really need is to meet with our King, share our anxious thoughts, and rest under His presence. He will be faithful to calm us.

When my anxious thoughts become overwhelming, your comfort encourages me. Psalm 94:19

See you tomorrow for Psalm 95

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