Day 92, Psalm 92

This psalm is full of wisdom to measure ourselves against. The last four verses offer us hope and a measuring stick to use as we age. The amplified bible helps us see the meaning behind the words.

As we age and our lives transition from careers to retirement, are we experiencing the growth and fruitfulness this psalm describes? Do we see our lives flourishing, fruitful, content and prosperous? Are we growing in grace? This psalm encourages us – if we are planted in the house of the Lord, we will flourish in the courts of God.

There is always work to be done in the Kingdom of God, even when our “day-jobs” end. We find our eternal employment, so to speak, in the Kingdom of God. Maybe the most important thing we can do today is to examine where we are planted? Where does our nourishment come from and how are we sharing that with the people around us?

See you tomorrow for Psalm 93

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