Day 89, Psalm 89

Psalm 89 is a thoughtful reflection on God’s promises to David. His unbreakable promise that David’s descendants shall always rule. The psalmist describes how God’s qualities are incomparable. Even when He punished Israel for their sin, his unfailing love stood by the promise he made to David.

Maybe you have had relationships fail. Maybe you walked away from a painful relationship or maybe someone walked away from you? We’ve all experienced broken promises. It’s an amazing example to witness someone keep a promise, when there is pain and betrayal to work through. God is the ultimate example to us of faithfulness. There is no one like him. He loves you because he loves you and he will never forsake you. You will experience this through time. Even when it’s hard to believe, his faithfulness remains true.

Great is your faithfulness, Oh God Almighty.

See you tomorrow for Psalm 90

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