Day 66, Psalm 66

This Psalm was written after Judah’s exile in Babylon. They have returned to Jerusalem and are beginning the work of rebuilding God’s temple. They are also rebuilding their relationship with God. The psalmist expresses his relief at the end of the psalm; “Praise God who did not ignore my prayer or withdraw his unfailing love from me.” Psalm 66:20.

The relationship between God and Israel is full of ups and downs. As Israel moves from one generation to the next, their commitment to God swayed. Some generations honored God, some turned from God and did “evil in His sight”. God remains steadfast in his love for his people. His discipline and punishment is a consequence of sin, and an invitation to come back to Him.

We can feel this ebb and flow within our own relationship with God. When we are honoring God, it’s hard to imagine we may one day go astray. When we do go astray, we share the same relief as the psalmist when we return to God and find His unfailing love covering us.

See you tomorrow for psalm 67

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