Day 55, Psalm 55

This psalm was written during the time that David’s son, Absalom betrayed him. To be betrayed and then pursued by a member of your family has to be a deep and complicated form of anguish. I’m sure it would be hard to talk about or to even know what to ask God for in this situation. Thankfully, God can hear all things we have to say, even when we don’t know how to say them. He knows our hearts and our thoughts and he knows the situation we face. His communication skills are way more advanced than our own. He knows what we need in the way we sometimes know what a child needs, when they can’t tell us. We are in the very best hands when we start the dialog with God, he will be faithful to discern exactly what we are going through.

Our Lord, we belong to you. We tell you what worries us and you won’t let us fall. Psalm 55:22

See you tomorrow for Psalm 56

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