Day 51, Psalm 51

In this psalm, David is seeking forgiveness for his sins, after the prophet, Nathan, confronted him. Today, the Holy Spirit confronts us when we sin. When He convicts us, it is clear to us what we have done and that we need to seek forgiveness. He points out the sin, but he does not attack our identity.

The enemy, on the other hand, attacks our identity. He may want to convince us we are bad, unworthy, despicable or less than others, because of what we have done. We may not even be sure what we have done, the enemy may just point to the vast canvass of our past. If we are confused and feeling shameful, it is likely the enemy trying to paralyze us.

The hope, described in this psalm, is that we CAN BE forgiven – when we ask to be. God knows when we are truly sorry and He will be faithful to forgive us when we ask.

The way to please you, God, is to be truly sorry deep in our hearts. This is the kind of sacrifice you won’t refuse. Psalm 51:17

See you tomorrow for Psalm 52

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