Day 48, Psalm 48

This psalm was written during the time God’s Temple was being rebuilt.  God’s people had honored and dishonored the Temple throughout the years, depending on the appointed King and what each King valued.  The temple had been ransacked many times and lay in ruins for several generations until someone rose up with the desire to honor God, whatever the cost.

God’s temple, today, resides within each believer.  I often wonder what King David, or his son, Solomon would think of that?  Our King, King Jesus, (Emmanuel, Christ within us) is ever-present and living within us, through his Holy Spirit.  We have ready-access to His wisdom and guidance.    

Our God will guide us, forever and ever.

It is my lifelong journey to improve my hearing, by reading His word, praying and pausing to listen to what He wants to say.

See you tomorrow for Psalm 49

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