Day 43, Psalm 43

This Psalm is similar in tone and written during the same time period as Psalm 42.  David is being pursued by his son, Absalom.  I’m pretty sure David didn’t expect to spend the end of his life in the same way he spent his earlier years when he was on the run from Saul.  It had to be a “not this again” experience for him.  In verse 3, he asks God to “send light and truth to guide me back to your home on the sacred mountain”.  He longs to be close to the Lord like he had been in the best of times. 

When I am out in the world with my family, at a crowded place, I can easily lose sight of them.  With my type of vision loss, I cannot see the definitions of a face well enough to recognize even the most familiar face.  In these situations, my family has a call they use to help me locate them.  It sounds like “Key – a – he”. When I hear it, I can find their general direction and follow their waving arms to zero in on their location.  It always feels so good to find them again. I feel safe just hearing their voices and walking alongside them. 

Next time I feel distant from the Lord, I will ask him to send me a sound to lead me back home to Him. 

See you tomorrow from Psalm 44

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