Day 35, Psalm 35

In this psalm David is asking God to suit up with him for battle. He invites God to pick up his shield and javelin and fight right by his side. Imagine the confidence you’d have in any situation if God was standing next to you ready to do battle. In the spiritual sense, He is.

As I thought about this psalm, I had a memory of my mom. In one of the neighborhoods we lived in, there was a group of boys that liked to chase me and my friends to scare us. My friend lived across the street from me. if the boys were outside when i wanted to come home, I’d call my mom and ask her to stand outside on the front step. When my mom was visible, the boys would leave me alone. It worked every time. She was my hero! Jesus does this for us in visible and invisible ways.

Every bone in my body will shout: “No one is like the LORD!” You protect the helpless from those in power; you save the poor and needy from those who hurt them. psalm 35:10

See you tomorrow for Psalm 36

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