Day 31, Psalm 31

David is praying for protection in this psalm.  It was written during the time Saul was chasing and persecuting him.  David is feeling vulnerable, in physical pain, the target of criticism and insults, like an outcast and in one line he says he feels like a broken dish.  He prays for help, and in his heart, he trusts that the Lord will help him.

When we are moving through a difficult season, it’s hard to imagine that God can take this time of suffering and brokenness in us, and turn us into something strong and beautiful.  I don’t think it’s even in our sights until years later when can we look back at who we once were.  Our lives are a journey of ups and downs.  I pray for you today – that you are able to look back and see how God has used a difficult time in your past as the raw material for the beauty and strength inside you today.

See you tomorrow for Psalm 32.

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