Day 29, Psalm 29

How do you describe the Lord’s voice?  Some would say, he has a small still voice.  David says the Lord’s voice is mighty and marvelous and it can accomplish things that seem impossible.  God’s voice can destroy cedar trees, make mountains skip like a calf or jump like a wild ox, his voice can make lighting flash and the desert tremble. 

I just heard on the news that Minnesota has had one of the windiest years on record this year.  I meet with some friends once a month to pray, in one of our local parks.  It’s been windy each time we’ve met and we always attribute that to the Lord’s presence with us.  Speak healing over our land, Father God.

The voice of the Lord echoes over the oceans.  The glorious Lord God thunders above the roar of the raging sea. 

See you tomorrow for Psalm 30

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