Day 17, Psalm 17

This psalm is written during a time David was surrounded, persecuted, witnessing injustice and not positioned to change the circumstances around him.  I can sense his desperation to find a place to rest, to hide where no one can harm him, just to catch a breath.  I have never been in that exact situation but I have been out of my comfort zone, surrounded by people I didn’t know and didn’t trust.  Witnessing behavior that I didn’t agree with, hoping to stay out of the fray.  Looking for a safe place to rest.

I like the analogy of climbing under the protection of God’s wings.  Giving him the control and trusting him to do what is right.  Spiritually we can always retreat to the care of God and ask him to shelter us and to guide us.  He is always available, our ever-present help in times of trouble.

See you tomorrow for Psalm 18

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