Day 10, Psalm 10

This psalm is very similar to yesterday’s psalm.  It is a little more relatable to me, since it talks about “those people” that seem to succeed regardless of their evil actions and intentions to harm others.  We’ve all seen this very dynamic in our life circles.  A bully at school, an immoral co-worker, a neighbor we would like to avoid, etc.  This psalmist asks the same questions I have asked or wondered.  He also proclaims what he knows to be true, God is just and fair and He will vindicate the oppressed. 

God doesn’t always act as fast as we’d like Him to – and we may not ever see the correction He will give to the person we are watching.  But He will, according to His perfect timing.  He will also restore the one(s) who were victims, but maybe in a way we are yet to understand.  This psalm encourages us to trust that God’s got this.

See you tomorrow for Psalm 11.   

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