Day 8, Psalm 8

I’ve seen starry skies in some amazing locations; the North Dakota prairie, on the deck of a cruise ship while out to sea, in southern France, Colorado Springs, my backyard in Minnesota.  Every time it’s a marvel; vast, brilliant, dazzling, changing, comforting, inspiring, mind-blowing.  You may be able to tell, it makes me speechless.  It’s hard to really grasp its’ magnificence. 

In this psalm, David absorbs the beauty of God’s creation and wonders, who are we that you are even thinking of us?  This is a question we have all wondered, in our own words, in our own quiet moments.  David proclaims God’s answer.  God created us in His image and made us only a little bit lower than angels.  He has crowned us with glory and honor.  He has entrusted us with the work of hands.  This is God’s mic drop regarding your value to Him.  You are His.

See you tomorrow for Psalm 9.

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