Day 6, Psalm 6

The picture I found for today’s psalm, makes me pause.  To me it says, “through my pain, I reach to you, in hopes you will hear me.”  I have felt just this way a few times in my life.  For some reason, it’s hardest for me to reach out when I am experiencing deep pain.  For me, it feels like I have so much on the line, I don’t want to risk being let down.  Often one of my close friends will encourage me and pray with me, like this picture so gently shows. 

Over time, just as this psalmist experienced, we learn that God will hear our prayers, and He will accept our prayers, just as they are. He will be faithful to take great care with your request. If you don’t experience an immediate answer, you will be able to look back one day and see how He helped you through this time in your life’s journey. He is known for his lovingkindness and faithfulness.

See you tomorrow for Psalm 7

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