Day 3, Psalm 3

This psalm is both a reflection and projection of God’s faithfulness, strength and availability.  David looks back with gratitude and forward with confidence as he is again faced with an enemy that pursues him. 

My current struggle is not with a person, but, with my visual ability.  Having lost my central vision five years ago, I’ve had to learn to see by using my full visual field.  With Jesus at my side, encouraging me, I have slowly expanded my ability and capacity to do the things I enjoy the most.  When I stand in an unfamiliar and intimidating place, like an outdoor event full of people, or have to navigate a grocery store that was just redesigned, I know that somehow, Jesus is going to help me succeed.  He truly has restored my courage by being present (and helpful) in my daily life.  How has he helped you?

See you tomorrow for Psalm 4

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