Day 32, Psalm 32

In this beautiful psalm about forgiveness, David gives us a glimpse of how he felt before he confessed his sins and how he felt after. While carrying around his unconfessed sins he felt limp, his bones were wasting away, he felt God’s hand heavily upon him and his strength was diminished.  Once he confessed his sins, God was faithful to forgive him.  Once forgiveh, David rejoices and praises God. 

It is reassuring to know how quickly God is to forgive us.  Why is it so hard for us to forgive sometimes?  When God forgives he also forgets our sins and moves forward with us, surrounding us with His unfailing love.  I think the unforgiveness that we can carry with us for years and years is just as damaging as our own unconfessed sins are to us.  A woman who prayed with me, years ago, told me that if I need help forgiving someone, I should ask Jesus to help me.  Forgiveness is one of his super-powers.  I did as she suggested and with Jesus’s help,  I was able to work through years of unforgiveness.  What a burden-lifter!  I felt free at last.

See you tomorrow for Psalm 33