Day 45, Psalm 45

As a leader, we are sometimes tasked with developing short-term and long-term plans.  Typically, the completion of the short-term plan looks pretty close to the one we imagined when we drafted it.  Long-term plans inevitably look different when completed than the plans we initially drafted.  Many variables change as time moves forward, staff members change, business conditions and customer’s expectations change, each change demands an alteration to the plan to make it work.   You might complete your plan sooner or later that anticipated, or your plan may be scrapped and totally replaced. 

This psalm is a foretelling of the Messiah.  The day that Jesus will reign and be united with his bride.   This psalmist describes the future the best way he can, as a wedding.  We all know that conditions have changed, since this psalm was written, all the people have changed and we don’t know the timeline.  We do know the One who made the plan and God’s plans don’t’ change.  The Messiah came to us once and will return, one day soon.  What will that look like?  We will know that answer when we see it for ourselves.  In the meantime, we believe in the One who made the plan to complete His work.    

See you tomorrow for Psalm 46